Thursday, June 25, 2015

S'mores Oreo cookies!

If a month goes by and we don't have a new flavor of Oreo cookies to review, I think something is wrong with the world. It sends me into a panic. Is Nabisco going under? Has someone toppled this cookie giant? Is the sky falling? WHERE IS THE NEAREST BOMB SHELTER?! It goes something like that. Luckily this time around I didn't have to ride that emotional roller coaster because ol' Nabisco just dumped its latest limited edition flavor in our laps, just in time for those summer camping trips. S'MORES OREOS!

This package just makes me want a real S'more. Look at that thing! 
So what are we dealing with here? Well it's a graham flavored cookie for starters. I'm glad they didn't cheap out on this and just make this out of Golden Oreo's. The graham cookie actually does taste like a graham cracker, but with that familiar Oreo crunch.  Inside lies waiting for you both chocolate and marshmallow creme.  Fun fact, nine times out of ten that you try to open these up to look at the creme, it comes apart so you're looking at the white/marshmallow side. It's a fun science experiment you can try at home. But back to the creme, it's what you expect. The usual Oreo chocolate creme and then the marshmallow that is a lot like the creme they had in their Marshmallow Crispy Oreo's but without the crispy part.

They definitely capture a fake s'more taste and they are about as great as an Oreo s'more cookie could be. But I always wonder if companies miss one important ingredient when trying to flavor something like S'more. The smoke. If you're making a real s'more over a fire, the marshmallow is always going to have a little smoky flavor to it. I think the next company to make something s'more flavored needs to take my advice and add that. Graham, chocolate, marshmallow and smoke. Nothing brings a wave of nostalgia like a waft of campfire smoke. Am I right?

Chocolate and Marshmallow creme! 
Will these cookies replace the original s'more? Nope. Are they worth trying out as the latest of Oreo's limited edition flavors? 100%. Seriously. Scoop these up before they are gone. We had a rough time finding them ourselves. But definitely give them a try. Heck, if you've got a fire going outside one of these nights, perhaps even slap a melty marshmallow between two of these. I bet that would be faaaaaantastic.

We are giving S'mores Oreo cookies a B!  FYI: if the package had been normal size instead of these ridiculous mini-packs we would have upped that to a B+!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


If you're like me, you enjoy having a box of Cheez-its around pretty often. They are great for dipping, as a side with a sandwich, or hell, just out of the box. If you've ever found yourself sitting in a beach chair beside a body of water one sunny afternoon with a box of Cheez-its in your hands and suddenly you realize you ate them all? We're probably on the same page.  If that's the case, you probably know the glory of getting one of the burnt ones too, right?  Those browned ones that are kind of like finding hidden treasure in a box. When you look down at a handful and see one and you say something like, "YESSSSS," as you pluck it from the pile so you can savor it on it's own.
Some people I know have been wishing for a box of all burned ones for twenty years or more and it never happened. I have overheard one in particular say she would pay multiple times the price to get her hands on a box of all well done Cheez-its. Well, finally the people at Sunshine have listened and have decided to grant some of you your ultimate wish. 


#1 requested flavor?! 

After my initial excitement finding these in a store, the first thought that entered my mind after seeing the box was, "if this is the #1 requested Cheez-It flavor, why the hell has it taken so long to make them?!" Seriously. They now have 2500 different flavors of Cheez-its. Some came and went. Some have stuck around. But this is their #1 requested flavor and they waited this long? Kind of like Pop-Tarts taking forever to finally do peanut butter versions. Fools! But hey, let's not dwell on the past. Some genius at Sunshine finally decided to listen to the people and now we have these. But are they what you want? The short answer? HELL YEAH.

How many boxes of these have been consumed in my household since we found these a few days ago? The answer is four. That's a lot of Cheez-its. That's how damn good these are. It's pretty damn basic, they are what they say they are. It's a big ol' box of well done Cheez-its! If you're a fan of them, you might be slightly worried that having a ton of them makes them less special. I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Every one of them is delicious! That salty, cheesy, almost smoky taste hits home in every bite. They are the real deal.

Part of me is worried that these are just going to be around for a limited time, so I'm telling you all right now...GO OUT AND BUY A TON. Send the message to Sunshine that you want these to be a thing forever.

I'm going to have to give Cheez-it Extra Toasty an A. At long last these have finally strolled out of our dreams and into reality and they are everything you had hoped for. In fact, as I'm typing these final words I just finished the last box in the house. Guess I need to head to the store right now!

Review by Rich!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Universal Yums! Snacks from around the world!

One of my favorite things to do whenever I'm traveling is take a look in stores and see if they perhaps have snacks or treats that I might not have back in my home town. Come on. If you're reading this blog, you probably do the same thing. There's just some things that are only available in certain areas. But what about visiting other COUNTRIES? That's not as easy. You see, I've been around a lot of the USA but outside? I've only been to Canada. Canada was barely a days drive from where I grew up but when I went there it was like another world. Their Mcdonalds had pizza! They had candy bars I had never fathomed and their milk came in bags! It was crazy. 

Now what if there was a service that would bring that experience right to your front door? Well, my friends, there is. It's called UNIVERSAL YUMS and every month they put together a box of snacks from one specific country and deliver it to your front door. You can get one once, or for a gift, or you can sign up to get a different one every month! 

Well the good folks over at Universal Yums dropped us a box in the mail for us to check out and I had so much fun with it that I thought I'd share it with all of you. So without further stalling, let's check out Universal Yums box of snacks from SCANDINAVIA! 

A list to let you know what you're getting into! I like it. 
When you first crack the box open they give you a listing of everything in it. This is good when dealing with food items you've never heard of from another country. I'll try anything once but if I'm going to be eating a chocolate covered grasshopper or something I'd like to know beforehand, am I right?

Look at all this stuff! 
There was definitely a huge amount of different kids of snacks. That picture? That's actually after I tried a few things.  Sometimes my snack excitement makes me forget I need to take pictures of this stuff. I wasn't sure the best way to do this so I decided to break each item down and let you all know what it was like. Some were good, some were bad, but it was a fun adventure along the way.  Let's take a look at how they snack in Scandinavia!

First up was KEX! It's basically just chocolate and wafers! But still pretty tasty. Kind of like a Kit-Kat with less chocolate. But the chocolate had a unique taste with almost a slight coffee flavor to it. I have to say I thought these were great but I could see how you could eat a ton of them without looking back.

Dumle were up next! They were a classic soft caramel covered in chocolate. Who doesn't like that? The chocolate was melty and the caramel was pretty soft so these ended up being a great gooey treat. Reading the sheet they sent along with it they said there's a similar Swedish candy to this that's called "PLOPP". But those are mostly eaten in Sweden because everyone else just thinks about pooping when they hear PLOPP and that's the last thing you want to be thinking about when you're eating candy. These were not bad at all!

Next we had Geisha chocolates! They are soft, creamy chocolate hazelnut middle surrounded by slightly harder chocolate on the outside. They weren't bad! Nothing to write home about. The pink wrapper and sexy writing made them look like a snack geared towards ladies, but I'm cool with that. Apparently these were inspired by a Japanese pastry called Japonica, that's why they got name Geisha, although these are apparently only popular in the Nordic countries. They certainly like their gooey chocolate candies!

Daim bars are toffee covered in chocolate! Kind of like a Heath bar. Funny story, way back in 1950 the Marabou chocolate company reached out to Hershey to try and get the license to sell Heath bars in Sweden. Hershey said, "Hell no." so what did they do? They created their own version called DAIM(I'm choosing to decide that this is pronounced DAMN)! It's different though, it's more like a Skor bar. Oh and the kicker here? Hershey later made a copycat of DAIM in the USA called SKOR. Friggin' cut throat business, right?  But the bottom line is that these little bars are great if you enjoy Heath or Skor. Every time I ate one, I just wanted to say...

Thanks Ron.

NEXT UP, Marianne Chocolate Mints! These are a cool mind hard candy with chocolate inside. Not my favorite thing in the box but I think if there was a dish of these for after dinner I might enjoy them but definitely not just for snacking. Still, solid tasting for what it was.

And then we have Panda Blueberry Licorice. Now, I'm going to start this out by telling you that one of the things I hate the most in the world is black licorice. It's the worst taste on the face of the planet. I would rather eat a spoonful of my own brains out of my own open skull than eat black licorice. So luckily this is not that. I was worried. Instead it's kind of like if they mixed together one of those weird natural fruit roll ups with licorice. It's a strange flavor but not all bad. The package boasts lots of things like Fat Free and blah blah blah. The exact opposite of what you're reading this blog for. Was it good? Not really. But it could have been a lot worse. It could have been...oh no.


Salmiakki Finnish Sweet Licorice. I was hoping that I would open it up and be wrong about it. But no...from the second I ripped open the package my nostrils were assaulted by the black licorice fumes and I had to fight the urge to fast ball pitch this thing out my office window.  Apparently this is one of Scandinavia's most well known treats. And I guess it's salted too? Will that improve the horrid taste?

It's huge. And soft. It stinks, and by the Gods, for you, my readers, I WILL TASTE THIS HORRID LICORICE! Sometimes being a food blogger isn't so glamorous...

As you guessed, it was absolutely terrible. Do you like soft black licorice? Well then gather all the rest of the people you can find who like terrible, disgusting snacks and get your grubby mitts on one of these things. For me? It was the worst. It was like that time I drank too much Absinthe but in solid form. So. So. So gross. NEVER AGAIN! I would rather take a bite from the belly of a bloated roadkill than have another taste of this.

Then there were the Rye Snacks. The flavoring on them was pretty tasty, Garlic and herb with big chunks of sea salt. But the cracker was definitely strange. A little hard but still tasty. Apparently back in the 1800's they used to only bake bread twice a year so they would make them crispbreads that would last the months in between. These are apparently a modern take on that. Hmm.

In my old age I've become quite the fan of a ginger snap. Why? I'm really not sure. Perhaps as the years go on I'll also decide I love hard candy and sitting at the mall people watching at 11am on a Tuesday. But hey, ginger snaps are solid and these Lars Swedish Gingersnaps don't disappoint! Thinner than most I've had in the past, I felt like this shape and size made for a great hard cookie. The only down side is that I forgot to put them in something to seal them up and they went bad. The next day I went to grab one and it was soft. Like chomping into an old piece of cardboard! My fault! Otherwise these were great.

And last but not least the Marabou Chocolate bar with Nougat! It is widely agreed that Marabou bars are THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN ALL OF SCANDINAVIA! So they included a giant Marabou bar and it was pretty damn tasty! Easily broken into segments and shared with some fellow snackers, these bars are too big to eat by yourself in just one sitting. Well...unless you are rocking a supreme sweet tooth.  The chocolate and nougat are both very soft and tasty. I can see why they like it so much. The nougat is not the weird whipped version that a lot of American candy companies have adopted but a more dense and flavorful version. This was definitely one of the highlights of the Universal Yums box!

This box was filled with interesting and tasty treats and I'm glad they include the list because I feel like I came away from this with a little more knowledge packed away in my brain. The next time someone asks me if I want a Skor bar I'll be all..."no thanks. I think I'll eat one of these DAIM candy bars." But say it like DAMN and also like Ron Simmons. Because why not?

I would say if you're adventurous about your snacks Universal Yums service could definitely be for you. It's a great way to try a bunch of stuff you've never even heard of before. Not only that but these are a great gift idea too. It's kind of like going through your stocking on Christmas morning except it's JUST CANDY and it's all from one certain country. Christmas is NEVER themed like that. So take a look at their website and the next time you don't know what to get your friend who has everything, perhaps you they might like a box of fun from Universal yums!

Review by Rich!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Magnum Double Peanut Butter ice cream bars!

Have you ever tried a Magnum Ice cream bar? Josh reviewed them when they first came out a while back.  His review was pretty hilarious but in the end he deemed them mediocre. So it was a while before any of us tried the other flavors. Then one day I decided to give the caramel ones a whirl. They changed my life. If you have never tried them, DO IT TODAY. But somehow, we never reviewed them. I think it was because by the time we tried them they were so old that we didn't think anyone would care. But I've eaten them pretty regularly since. Then, our of nowhere, I walk by the ice cream novelties cooler at my local supermarket and I see something that made me do a triple take. Sweet mother of mercy. MAGNUM DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM BARS. 

Rub that dust out of your eyes, this isn't a mirage! 
I nearly broke into a dead run on my way home because I wanted to try these away from the prying eyes of the public. But the moment I walked in I snapped a pic and ripped the box open to give one of these a try. Reading the box it declares that they are peanut butter ice cream dipped in a chocolate coating, then peanut butter sauce and more chocolate coating. Aka: the best thing I've ever heard.

After being mesmerized by the golden wrapper for a straight minute, I snapped out of it and came back to my senses. Being a veteran to the ice cream bar game, I knew that I had to make my first bite small and precise, as to not damage the structural integrity of the bar. I expertly executed the move and my taste buds exploded like every vehicle in Mad Max Fury Road.


The shell melts into a delicious, soft chocolate, followed by the layer of peanut butter sauce that combine for a great sweet and salty sensation. I feel like I might have liked it a bit more if the peanut butter was a little closer to the consistency of the caramel ones, but that's just nit picking. The flavor of those two is damn near perfect. Then you hit another layer of wonderful chocolate shell followed by smooth, creamy peanut butter ice cream. You can eat it layer by layer, or make sure you get a little bit of each part in each bite.  Either way you do it, you'll just close your eyes and lift your face to the heavens while smiling. IT IS THAT GOOD.

It's all about the layers! 
If I had to ask Magnum one thing that might enhance this already perfect ice cream bar, it might be for some sort of swirl in the ice cream itself, but that's probably overkill. The Fatguyfoodblog crew are always looking to step things up and that's not always what the situation needs. This is one of those times. I'm giving Magnum Double Peanut Butter ice cream bars an A! That means you need to get them as soon as you can. They are the ice cream equivalent of this:

What a lovely day, indeed. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wendy's Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken and Ghost Pepper Fries

Ghost Peppers.
I'm a little confused as to why Wendy's went with ghost peppers as a meal additive. Why? You don't know how ghost peppers are made? LET ME TELL YOU! First you slaughter an entire hillside village, bury their bodies in a mass grave, plant pepper plants above their rotting corpses and let the peppers suck their souls up from the ground before they can shoot down to hell. Are ghost peppers the blood diamond of the culinary world? I'm not sure, as everything I just told you I made up.

I've gotta tell you I was insanely excited when these fries were launched, I remember seeing an ad for them a bit ago and decreed it as a post I will do for FGFB, and here we are.

I couldn't JUST get fries....
The Wendy's website claims that there is melted shredded cheddar on these, but that was no where to be found. But what was found was a sweet, not really hot, nacho cheese flavor that was ok. My problem with almost every cheese fry meal out there, is that the cheese goop ends up making the fries too soggy too fast, and this was the case here.

"But Josh I'm a wimp and don't like hot stuff waaaahhhhhhh"- YOU. Well you're in luck my friend, the heat on these things is like a whisper on the wind told from another continent. It might be there, but you'll never find it. So I'm not sure where the ghost peppers were but.....oh my god, it's all an elaborate trick. These ghost peppers, much like in ghost shows, DON'T EXIST!!!!! Wow, Bravo Wendy's,  you got me. To be honest the small amount of hot there was inside the cheese, has the same sweet hotness that comes from weak jalapenos. These tasted pretty decent, and were a nice change from the norm, but were nothing to freak out about.

Disappointed in my batch of ghost pepper fries, I turned my attention to Wendy's Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken.

Spicy chickens are a staple from Wendy's. On days I'm not food blogging, I'll stop in and snap one of them up just because they taste so damn good. The new Jalapeno Fresco version, was actually awesome.

The same ghost pepper cheese sauce that ruined the fries about 3 minutes in, colby pepper jack cheese, and a surprise red jalapeno bun. Now where that hotness was missing from the fries, it was found on the spicy chicken. I was unable to pinpoint what exactly it was that gave it it's heat, I had a sneaking suspicion it was the spicy chicken itself, but the jalapeno bun, the ghost pepper sauce, and the spicy chicken all came together to give you a nice spicy, sweet, cheese filled chicken sandwich that was delightful to take down. The cheese sauce made this a mess to eat, I had about 30 napkins in which to wipe my face after every bite.

FGFB PROTIP: Dip your sandwich in your fries for an extra cheese slathering
Overall I wasn't blown away by either of these. You'd figure a spice derived from mass murder would be a little more exhilarating to the senses, and deliver some kind of unique punch, as I don't think any other fast food chain has offered something as titillating as ghost peppers. I wish they have used them more effectively and didn't numb it down for mass consumption. Wendy's should have given us a proper, intensely spicy option, but instead they went with a weak substitution and watered it down for everyone.

I give Wendy's Ghost Pepper Fries a C
full of promise, but just couldn't deliver. 
the Wendy's Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken: B
a variation on a classic, but doesn't do much.
-review by Josh

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Cheez-It Crunch'd! Cheddar Cheese and Hot & Spicy!

Here at Fatguyfoodblog headquarters, we're always getting fun stuff in the mail. Barely a day goes by where we don't receive a package stuff with some sort of goodies. Some we get and they aren't a right fit for the blog, like that time we got a box of diet snacks. WRONG BLOG, BUDDY! But usually we get cool things to share with our readers. But every once in a while a company hits a home run with presentation and then we're instantly excited to try the product. Well our friends over at Nabisco did just that! The other day we got a huge box in the mail. Open it up and we see this...

What in the cheezy hell?
It was basically a Cheez-it hat box. I was praying there wasn't actually going to be a hat inside because I didn't want to have to trade out my sweet floppy winter hat for a neon pink Cheez-it trucker cap.

The moment I lifted the lid I was greeted with the sound of crunching. For a moment I thought that the package was about to explode and coat the inside of my apartment in cheese powder, as a part of some elaborate prank. But no, just a sweet display for new Cheez-It CRUNCH'D!

Yes the package actually CRUNCHED! 

After taking a quick look at the insert they included, which gave me important information that I may need in the future. Such as, that this was Cheez-It's first venture out of the cracker aisle and into the chip aisle. Also that they are made with 100% real cheese. Oh, and how to create a "crunchapult" with which you can launch Cheez-It Crunch'D pieces into your own mouth. I decided against this. Mostly because I didn't have the materials on hand. If they had been included in this box, I probably would have made one and shot the damn things all over my apartment.

Since I'm a wimp about hot stuff and I'm expecting the spicy ones to be too much for me to handle, I start out with the Cheddar Cheese flavor first! I had been wondering if these were just going to be Cheetos in square form, but once I got a look at them, they almost looked more like breakfast cereal.

But they were definitely packed with a serious cheese flavor. Every single one of these things was drenched in cheese powder and they had an interesting crunch to them. Very similar to a Cheeto but also with a familiar corn crunch that definitely does remind me of some old cereals. But together the maximum cheese flavor and great texture and crunch combine quite well!

Cheddar Cheese CHEEZ-IT Crunch'D are a great snack alternative in the cheesy chip realm. If you are usually a Cheetos snacker, perhaps give these a try instead next time. They are in the same ballpark but definitely their own thing. High cheese flavor and a great crunch. I give these a B+!

Too spicy? Or not spicy enough? 

Next up we ripped into the Hot & Spicy flavor. If I were in a store, I would have stayed away from these. I'm a wimp when it comes to hot stuff. I don't mind a little burn here and there, mild to medium, but a bag of chips with a bottle of Tobasco and a bunch of peppers on it? Hell no, son. I'll pass. But since these arrived on my doorstep and the readers want to know, I gave them a whirl. Turns out? They are excellent. I actually like them a lot more than the Cheddar Flavor!


The Hot & Spicy version ended up not really being either of those things! They are very similar to the Cheddar Cheese version except these seem somehow a BIT MORE CHEESY! Not only that, but they also have a great tangy flavor to them. Very slight spice. I found that the only time I had even the beginning of a burn with these was after I ate an embarrassing amount in one sitting. I actually think these should be kicked up a notch or two! But I still thought they were great. If you're a true lover of hot stuff and are expecting a serious mouth burn from these, you might find them a bit too mild, but if you are a wimp to the hot stuff like I am and want to impress your pals by looking tough eating hot chips while not actually getting your mouth all burned to hell, these are PERFECT. The better of the two, they get an A from me!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Quiznos Lobster Seafood salad sub!

Whenever I hear of a chain restaurant adding Lobster to their menu it usually comes along with a scoff. "Pssh, Lobster. Yeah like that's going to taste anything like the real thing." Or "Psssh, Lobster. That's probably going to cost an arm and a leg." So when we got some emails from readers asking us to check out the new Quiznos Lobster seafood salad sub, we really weren't into it at first. One of our writers can't stand any seafood at all. Another only likes his lobster if a real man cracks it open and gives him the meat. So, that left me. Well I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so let's get to it!

Gotta have that Raspberry Lemonade!

I marched into my local Quiznos to get one of these bad boys and I was not expecting the best. You see, I spent a large portion of my youth in Maine, LOBSTER COUNTRY! THEY HAVE A LOBSTER ON THEIR DAMN LICENSE PLATE, SON! There are lobster men on one side of the family. As a coming of age, I once had to challenge my dad to a lobster eating contest. He won by a claw but I did so well I earned the right to be called a man. Also my friend Matt puts together an annual lobster feed where a bunch of us just get together and see how many lobsters we can eat before we are all so full we want to die. It's glorious.  So chain restaurant lobster had a long way to go to dazzle me. But I'm open minded and Quiznos usually does right by me. So I walked in, ordered the Lobster on the Jalapeno Cheddar Bread, and all I got for additions were lettuce and onion! Keeping it simple to let the lobster shine!

This guy didn't care about making it pretty. 

Before I took a bite I took a look under the hood to see what I was dealing with first hand. It didn't look as nice as the picture on the sign did, but come on,  they never do. EVER. The one in the picture looked kind of like perfect little balls of lobster meat. I actually thought this looked more like real lobster because I could see chunks of claws in addition to tail meat. But it was time to dig in, so with one more cross eyed glare of uncertainty, I bit into it...

Even when he's not REALLY here Irwin is still hovering for food. 

It took me two or three bites of this sandwich to actually realize that it wasn't bad. I was so prepared for it to be! In fact, it was decent. was somehow pretty damn good. There were big chunks of lobster all through it and a minimal amount of mayo so the lobster really was the main flavor. They buttered the bun before they send it through the toaster and it ended up adding that familiar flavor of dunking the lobster in butter. I quickly finished the first half and sat back to mull it over while crunching down a few Doritos. 

Chock full of Lobster goodness! 
I think my choice of the jalapeno cheddar bread was a good one. It added a little zing to the flavor on the back end that I really enjoyed. But all in all, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the Quiznos Lobster seafood salad! They didn't skimp on the lobster at all and the combined flavors reminded me of some great Lobster rolls I had eaten in the past. Now, I'm not going to tell you it's as good as cracking that sea bug open and digging the meat out yourself. Nothing beats that. But my friends, if you're looking for a quick fix of lobster and don't have the time or money to bring some home and cook them up yourself, head on over to your local Quiznos and they will hook you up!

Which brings me to my next point. Would you like Quiznos to hook YOU up? Well we contacted them and they agreed to send one of our lucky readers a gift card in the mail so that they could go try the Lobster seafood salad for themselves! What do you have to do to win? Just comment on this review! One lucky commenter will be chosen at random and get to eat on Quiznos dime! FREE LOBSTER SUB?! YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!

So get commenting, folks! You can't win if you don't comment!

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For more info on Quiznos Lobster items, hit up their website here:

-Review by Rich